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The Alignment Studio is a library of resources for your energetic wellness and support.


The Alignment Studio's content will be available in a private Facebook Group.


What resources are available?


Reiki healings, Meditations, Chakra Education, Menstrual Moon Phases and more!


*A new reiki healing and a new mediation each month.

These will be EXCLUSIVE to The Alignment Studio & will not be found or posted anywhere else!


*As time goes by, the resources available will grow, providing you with a beautiful support system for your energetic wellness.


There may be other surprises added in as well, however, you can count on one new reiki healing & one new mediation each month.


One bonus I can let you in on is that you will gain access to the 2022 Carma Cleanse & Card Reading Ceremony video for free (this is a value of $33) to start your year out with cleansed & charged energy as well as a tarot card reading forecast for what to expect in 2023.


What is the cost?

This is a subscription group & is an incredible deal at only $11 a month!


You will be locked in at this price for as long as you subscribe -->this price will never be this low again!


You can cancel your subscription at anytime, however the subscription will not be prorated & you will still be in The Alignment Studio until the end of the calendar month in which you cancel.


This subscription group officially opens on January 1, 2023, however you will gain access to it shortly after you subscribe.


Are you ready for reiki healings & mediations at your fingertips, whenever you need one?


Join The Alignment Studio today!


NOTE: This is not a physical product & nothing will be shipped to you. This was just the easiest way to offer the subscription service. :-) Please disregard any emails from Kelli Oster regarding shipping or tracking.

The Alignment Studio Subscription

Price Options
The Alignment Studio
Monthly Subscription || Reiki || Mediations
$11.00every month until canceled