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A Tarot or Oracle Card Reading is given by Anna Herendeen, not Kelli Oster.


Current Card Reading Offers   


*A card reading session is typically 20-30 minutes long. Once your purchase a session or you contact me to redeem a session, I will communicate with you about when you would like to have your session & what your specific needs are so I can tailor the reading to you.


*You can redeem your reading at anytime. They never expire. Please allow 24-48 hours for the reading to be completed (excluding holidays & weekends). I look forward to working with you & reading for you!


*All card reading sessions are long-distance. You will receive a video of your card reading in a private YouTube link, along with a picture of the cards. You will also receive a PDF on which you can take notes about your reading. These will be sent to the email address you used to purchase your sessions. 


*The number of cards varies, depending on the reading, but we customize the reading to you based on your needs. Usually a reading is 3-7 cards & lasts about 20-30 minutes. 


*Your reading may include Tarot or Oracle cards.


*Before your reading, I reiki cleanse & charge the cards, as well as make sure my personal space & energy are clear & charged. 


  • One single card reading: $35


  • Bundled Reading Sessions:   BEST VALUE!


Purchase a bundle of readings at significant savings. You can redeem a reading at any time & they never expire. You can also 'gift' them to someone else.


Bundle of 12 = $315 (savings of 25%)

Bundle of 8 = $224 (savings of 20%)

Bundle of 6 = $178 (savings of 15%)

Bundle of 4 = $140 (savings of 10%)

Bundle of 3 = $99 (savings of 5%)

Bundle of 1 = $35 (regular & full price)


NOTE: This is not a physical product so nothing will be shipped to you. This was just the easiest way to offer you the different bundles & sessions. Please disregard any emails or messages with shipping info from me or Kelli Oster. ;-)


NOTE: Card readings are techically considered entertainment & should therefore never be used to replace medical adivce or the advice or your counselor, therapist or other health professional. The advice & suggestions given during a reading are to be taken at your own risk & the card reader bears no responsibility for your actions based on the information given in a card reading. By purchasing a card reading, you indicate that you have read & understood this disclaimer. 





Tarot/Oracle Card Reading with Anna Herendeen

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