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Unleash the power of love with our Chakra Elixirs, created especially for this Valentine's Day!


This Root Chakra blend is designed to support your root chakra and inspire self-love.


This Heart Chakra blend is designed to support your heart chakra to be open to give and receive love.


Choose one or both!


Each blend is contained in a glass 10 ml vial.


It has a roller ball applicator to make the blend of pure therapeutic essential oil go onto your body easy & portable as well.


Every elixir is has been charged with Reiki healing energy for an extra boost of positive vibes.


Our chakra elixirs make for a perfect self-care gift or a unique way to spread love to those closest to you.


At just $24 with free shipping, this is a deal too good to pass up.


Don't wait, order now and get ready to feel the love and power of your root & heart chakras!

Chakra Elixirs

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