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Use the power of these 5 crystals to banish negative energy associated with anxiety* and boost feelings of harmony, peace, confidence, courage and strength, all in one beautiful bundle!


Included are 5 beautiful and powerful crystals.


Amethyst: helps clear irrational, negative or anxious thoughts, stabilizing and balancing to your energy


Snowflake Obsidian: lifts the spirit and promotes optimism, balance and truth, helps to release stressful mental patterns


Sodalite: boosts self-esteem, logic, authenticity and intuition


Labradorite: calms an overactive mind, promotes awareness, strengthens trust in self and calls in positive, healing energy


Tiger’s Eye: promotes a calming effect, strength to persevere and a sense of resilience, especially good for social confidence


This entire bundle is cleansed and charged with reiki energy.


The bundle also comes with a beautiful information card on the benefits of each crystal and how to use these crystals in your home, workspace, car or on your person.


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Ships within 1-3 business days, not including US federal holidays.

If not satisfied with your order or have any questions, comments or concerns, please contact Kelli at .


*By completing your order, you indicate that you understand that the art of energetic alignment, reiki and products in this shop are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness or disease.


Information provided on this site and products sold are not intended to replace medical advice or medical care.


Before starting any protocols that may impact your health and wellness, you are advised to consult your medical care provider.

Anti-Anxiety Crystal Kit

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