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Create energetic alignment & a aligned actions with regular reiki energy healings & intuitive tarot/oracle card readings


What is included in the Carma Cleanse & Card Reading Bundle?

Each month, Kelli creates an exclusive Carma Cleanse reiki energy healing & mediation.

This healing clears negative energy out of your energetic system & replaces it with positive energy.  This healing is a long-distance healing & you can receive it at the time of your choosing (most people receive it as they lay down to sleep!).  This healing can be used as many times as you wish!


Each month, Anna does a unique card reading for each bundle subscriber.  She connects intuitively to your spritiual support crew using her clair-senses. She uses tarot &/or oracle cards to bring a divinely guided message to you through the cards.  Each month the question will be a little different, but will always focus on the themes & actions your guides want you to know about & take for your best & most aligned path. 


The number of months you receive a healing & reading are up to you (more on that in a second)!


What do I get with each healing & reading?

Each session, you will get a PDF for you to use to take notes about your reading & healing experience. This PDF is compatible with printing or using it digitally in a planner. 


Both the healing & the card reading are recorded & then uploaded to a private YouTube link.

You will get the links via either email or Facebook Messenger to watch at a time convenient to you. 


When will you receive your healing & reading?

The reiki healing will be delivered on the 1st of the month. 


The card reading will be delivered on a pre-arranged date that you & Anna will work out. She can only do 5 readings per week, so you may be in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th week of the month. First come, first served (with their top choice of week). 


How much does this cost?

On their own, a reiki healing is $44 & a card reading is $35, so getting a bundled price of $33 for BOTH is incredible!


  • The 12 month bundle is $396 plus the free membership in the Alignment Studio. 

You will receive a healing & reading each month of 2023.


  • The 6 month bundle is $198.

You will receive the healing & reading in January, March, May, July, September & November. 


  • The 4 month bundle is $132.

You will receive the healing & reading in January, April, July, October.


  • The 2 month bundle is $66.

You will receive the healing & reading in January & July. 


BONUS -- if you choose the 12 month bundle, you will get FREE access for a year to The Alignment Studio, Kelli's membership group.  It's a library of healings, meditations & more for your energetic alignment & wellbeing.  This is a value of $11/month or $132.  Unbelievable offer!!!


Is there a payment plan offered?

Yes! You can choose the PayPal "PayLater" option to have your payment divided into 4 equal payments, interest free. If this option does not work for you, please contact Kelli or Anna to discuss alternative arrangements.


--> Pop over to the purchase area to select which bundle is right for you for 2023.


*Remember, this is a not a physical product, so nothing will be shipped to you (this was just the easiest way to offer you the different bundles). Please disregard any emails or messages with shipping info from us. ;-)


2023 Carma Cleanse & Card Reading Bundles